Thursday, September 22, 2005

Angry Old Bitch's Pirate Red Chili...

A bitch red this post from a fellow bitch and had to post it here! My ass intends to make this over the weekend!

Angry Old Bitch's Pirate Red Chili or as the Pastor said, "Damn that's HOT."
1/2 bag of little red beans NOT kidney beans, the night before you start your
chili soak these beans at least 15 hours and have them ready to go when you
start the chili
2 pounds of nice meat, beef or venison. Ground or chunked your choice.
2 jars of chili pepper (one jar per pound of meat) 2.5oz each
8 lovely fresh cloves of garlic, use a press now!
1/2 very large onion chopped or 1 med size onion chopped
Chipotle pepper (Spice Islands is yummcious) heh heh heh
sea salt
some flour
some water spring not tap
tad smidge of olive oil
Large pan big enough to cook all of the meat
Crock pot

OK.first peel & press garlic cloves into large pan. Chop onion add to garlic. Add tad smidge of olive oil and saute this lovely mixture until it is golden.

Then add meat, cooking until done. Now for the chili powder. A good rule is 2-2.5 oz per pound of meat. Add and stir up your meat.

Now take sea salt and spread a fine layer over the entire top contents of the pan. Keep on cooking and stir it up good. Start adding some flour enough to make it thicken.

Now taste this mixture. It must be smooooooth and not bitter but hot as hell. (the hot should sneak up on your taste buds) if its bitter....add more salt just a tad smidge at a time until you are happy.

Now put this ambrosia into the crock pot and add the nicely soaked and ready to go little red beans.

Add some water to this mixture to dilute a little bit or to your own liking.

NOW...add chipolte pepper, I use about one tablespoon. This will add a smoky flavor to the chili. Use more if you are so inclined.

Cook on low at least several hours, until beans are right. Serve with chopped onion and shredded cheese on top and make some jalapeno cornbread too.

Pirate Red...Damn that's HOT.

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It's Me, Maven... said...


If you made the cornbread in a big round cake pan, you could hollow out the center to make a cornbread bowl and serve the chili in that...

Thank goodness the weather is getting warmer... this is good stick to your ribs stuff~