Saturday, September 17, 2005

First on Deck

Tired, no cooking tonight, however, tomorrow (if it is cooler and less humid) I'll do up a double or triple batch of Tomato Mint sauce (to be paired with shrimp), of which I intend on "putting up" a good portion of it in mason jars to be canned. The acidity in the tomatoes and the lime juice should make it a natch for canning.

I also plan on preparing a Thai style spicy peanut butter sauce that some chicken tenderloins will be soaked in, and will be then be crusted with crushed peanuts and panko, to be served with some curry noodle and perhaps a batch of tom yum goong or some tom kha.

I bought a whole chicken today (sans head, although there were some birds with their heads still unfortunately attached with their bright red eyes blaring back at me angrily thru the shrink wrap), which will be prepped and roased with some carrots and butternut squash, onion and fennel... I think soup might be in order this week, too...

Perhaps this is a bit over-ambitious... and I dare say this outloud... but as of this moment in time (tomorrow might bring a different response, mind you), I'm a bit tired of dining out.

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