Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Entertaining whilst broke and an easy as hell recipe… has a story up about how Americans are staying home…and knitting, cooking and playing Scrabble…as a result of the recession.


Well, those of us who have been…um, budgeted…for years have long known the joys of home-based entertainment! A bitch adores a comfort-food dinner with friends and I can’t say enough about the particular joy of slow cooked yumminess.

Anyhoo, if there is an upside to this economic drama it may be that some folks are rediscovering their house and the kitchen in it.

Trust a bitch, it’s hard to beat pot roast with smashed potatoes and several hours of good conversation…

ABB’s Slow Cooker Easy as Hell Pot Roast Recipe.

What you need…
A pot roast
An onion
Black pepper
Salt or seasoning if blood pressure is an issue (sigh)
Worcestershire sauce
A slow cooker
Vegetables (optional, because a bitch prefers smashed taters as a side)

What to do with all that shit...
Salt or season and pepper the roast to taste
Put that thang in the slow cooker…on low
Add sliced onions on top
Dash it up with several shakes of Worstershire sauce
Put the lid on

And leave it alone to get its cook on for…um, 10 hours.

Invite others to bring sides and something will cut down on costs while adding extra yummification to the meal.

‘Tis happiness and joy in a crock pot…

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