Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nommy! Malay Curry Paste, Part II

I finally got all the components to blend up my own version of Rempah (recipe linked in the previous post).

The original blogger who posted the recipe was right in mentioning the difficulties in grinding everything down, as everything has different densities. I threw everything into the Cuisinart, thinking I'd be able to get it all ground down quick. My curry paste has chunks in it, and I'm okay with that. It'll have "to do" until I mix up another batch.

What I love love love about this paste is that it can be dressed up or down for Thai, Malaysian or Indian cuisines, with minor alterations; however from Malaysian to Thai is nearly indecipherable to my palate.

My paste lacked turmeric, as that was the one component I lacked (I didn't want to use dry).

Monday night I made some Tom Yum Goong, and with the curry paste I made a chicken leg and corn (I cut the cobs into 1/2 inch thick "wheels) curry w/coconut milk, tamarind, the rempah, holy basil, mint, and coriander leaves. Utterly delicious!

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Aimee said...

Can't believe this is you! I love this blog, and now you read mine too! Hooray! You have such a terrific sense of humor, and clearly you're a good cook. I really enjoy this site.