Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Balls Said the Queen! Polpette Permutations: Part 1

Tasty tasty balls. No, I'm not going to post my full on recipe. Though, if you're curious, here's Mario Batali's version. Mind you, mine were not fried, they were baked. Hell, mine were baked, then eaten cold, directly out of my lunch bag. I can only imagine how much MORE wonderful they'd be, run thru a toaster oven and eaten warm. I'm not fussy, and mine were delicious on their own, cold, and dipped in Maggi brand Hot & Sweet spicy ketchup.

My version contained, among other things: minced sun dried tomato, celery, red onion, and kalamata olive tapenade. Oh, also? I'm going to sub in cottage cheese for the ricotta to up the protein content and reduce calories.

Next week's version (if there is one) might be salmon related or a variant of a bacon tuna melt. Stay tuned.

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