Sunday, December 08, 2013

Better Late Than Never: My Belated Thanksgiving Menu

Sounds fancy, but with the exception of steaming my pumpkin, everything was a leftover or made ahead, or was made from a "mise" set up for something else, as well as using up a few pantry and freezer items. I did not go out shopping for anything special, and was made with whatever I had on hand.


  • Confit of turkey thigh (done last week; and to be reheated and dressed w/a glaze made of cranberry jelly, jalapeno jelly and dijon mustard)
  • Stuffing/dressing w/shitakes, fennel, wild rice, turkey sausage, "stuffing mix" and sultanas, to be garnished w/roasted, chopped hazelnuts
  • Roasted "Kitchen Sink" consisting of cubed: Kabocha squash, Mutsu apple, red bell pepper, fennel, onion, sultanas, dried cranberries, shredded carrot, drizzled w/olive oil, "Ginger People" ginger syrup, maple syrup, salt and pepper, and to be garnished w/hazelnut duqqa and possibly cilantro sprigs (Leftovers will morph nicely into an autumnal soup later in the week if it doesn't get eaten entirely today)
  • Pumpkin custard baked in an oreo cookie crumb crust, baked DUMP STYLE (Kabocha dispatched and steamed, so as far as pumpkin pies go, it doesn't get any fresher than this).
Interesting experiment for naught:

During the fall, my family never, ever did anything with the seeds of a pumpkin we've carved. We always tossed it. And on a lot of food sites I see so many yummy things done with it, and I'm all about the health benefits of ingestibles, so I went to the trouble of cleaning and roasting the seeds, only to realize that there is no way I can chew them sufficiently for me to NOT worry about a blockage or other irritation to my pouch. Maharajah has a similar concern, though more re: gastric distress issues than blockage issues. Spoiler alert: The birds on my balcony will be eating good.

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