Saturday, February 06, 2016

Food-speriment Ahoy: Grain free, dairy free, reduced sugar brownies

Note to self:  This recipe was used as a guide

1c splenda
1/4 C. Splenda brown sugar blend
Onyx cocoa
1/2 tsp coffee powder
Tahini instead of butter 7 oz
Coconut flour

Mistakes made:
1. Using close to 7 oz of tahini--should have stuck with metric measurements for this. Looks like i doubled the tahini by oversight, which worked out well due to the second mistake. 
2. Coconut flour does not swap out at a 1:1 ratio for APF. I should have cut the coconut flour by 1/2 or 1/3.

As I was mixing, it formed a dough not a batter and I added a bit more egg substitute, perhaps 1-2 eggs worth but still not a batter consistency.

Dough put into parchment lined square cake pan, put sugar free chocolate chips and crumbled sugar free halvah on top, and baked at 325 for 25, and i turned the oven off and let the pan sit for an additional 5 minutes in the oven turned off.

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