Monday, April 18, 2016

Not Sour on Sourdough: Brooklyn Sourdough

I've tried several recipes from Sarah Owens' book, and have been quite happy with everything; the only minor exception is the Brooklyn Sourdough, so far. I made a batch yesterday and while I was happy enough with the result, the Maharajah was not. I guess he expected a more pronounced sour aspect to it? I don't know. But the bread proofed up like a trouper! Nice oven spring, too.  I have grown to love the book, and am considering working my way through the entire book one recipe at a time.

That being said, I am thinking ahead to next week's loaf, and am considering something a bit more assertive for the Maharajah. I'm thinking a beer rye sourdough. Of course, this necessitates another trip to get rye flour as I've got whole wheat, spelt, einkorn, bread flour and Antimo "00" at home, but no rye. I even have buckwheat and barley, but no rye. Plenty of time for that errand though. And this is the recipe I am considering using for this week's sourdough rye experiment. 

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