Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Vienna, Prague & Budapest Haul

I neglected to share a photo of my provisions procured during our May travels to Vienna, Prague and Budapest.

Depicted is several different types of Viennese chocolates, as well as candies from Budapest. Licorice losenges from Prague, Paprika and Palinka from Budapest, and (APPLE MINT!) Ricolas and Absinthe from Zurich.

Below are more photos, of paprika procured, as well as (out of sequence) tasty tasty food we had while in Prague and Budapest (and I believe some noms from Demel in Vienna, too).

 Beet salad at Costes Downtown, Budapest
 Dessert at Costes
 Lunch (for me) at the Four Seasons, Budapest
 Lunch (for him) at the Four Seasons, Budapest
 Lunch at the restaurant close to Prague Castle (this was one of several identical meals eaten involving roast or confit of duck, red cabbage and potatoes)
Dinner: Monkfish at Costes
Nom at Cafe Demel, Vienna
 Nom 2 at Cafe Demel, Vienna
 Quail at Costes, Budapest
 Terrine at Costes, Budapest 

Don't ask me how or why these two photos are so enormous; however, 
I am too damned lazy to find out how to resize them.
Also? I just want to face plant myself in all that tasty spaetzel--
Don't you?

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