Monday, February 27, 2017

Pizza Quest: 50/50 Hybrid Success

I can finally stop my quest, my search for the perfect pizza dough. My hybrid meets the majority of my criteria (though I would like a bigger bubble in the cornicione--turns out there IS such a thing as Pizza Anatomy!) 

Additionally, this pie was made with the 1/2 batch of dough I froze before bulk fermenting. The pie turned out beautiful. I took the dough out of the freezer 5 days before I anticipated making the pie.  

BEHOLD! The pie I made last week. This one, I used a veggie stew called Turluh (I buy it in small jars at the Armenian market) in lieu of marinara, and studded it with merguez, and finished the pie with basil leaves and basil infused olive oil. No cheese as this one was for the Maharajah who is lactose intolerant. But BEHOLD! 

Isn't that a beauty? I just want to do an open-mouthed face plant right into it!
(And yes, I am still using parchment paper--I have trust issues with dislodging the pie from the pizza stone!)
I have also discontinued making one enormous pie, and rather, am now opting for two smaller, more manageable pies--plus there's the insane habit I got into of making an enormous SQUARE pie and trying to scootch it onto a round pizza stone. 

Additionally, I got additional tools for what is turning out to be something I make every 10-14 days or so. I buckled and bought a different pizza cutter, as well as a modest sized peel, as I'm tired of getting burned trying to transfer the pie from the oven to the cutting board. And my god, what a breeze it was to transfer this pie!  I have to admit, using the right tools is as important as your technique AND recipe. It makes a huge difference in the overall enjoyment of cooking/baking/creating.

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