Friday, March 03, 2017

Still Not Sour on Sourdough

I'm so damned tired right now, I actually typed out DOURSOUGH in the title of this blog post! 

Anyway, I'm addicted to Amazon Pantry, and every month or so, I'll order up a box of staples, and things that are on the heavy side (I live on the second floor, no elevator, so heavy stuff is problematic for me), and several days later, it arrives at my doorstep.

Every once in a while, while perusing Amazon, I'll find things I never knew existed, or things that aren't available at my local grocer. The most-recent discovery I made was Sprouted Wheat Flour by King Arthur.  On a whim, I bought two packages of it.

It arrived three days ago, and the very first night, I opened a package, and gave my sourdough starter a feeding with it. Now mind you, this is a new starter I started with buttermilk and APF--not to be confused with what I'll refer to as my "standard starter,"  which I hybridized with kombucha and is chilling out in the fridge for a while until I'm ready to deal with it. However, depending on how I feel in the immediate future, I might just use up that starter for crepes and waffles, and stay with the buttermilk starter--I'm truly happy at how nice and responsive it is to feedings.

While the buttermilk starter was happy enough with APF or "00" feedings, I have to admit I noticed not just more bubbles on top, but also, the starter seemed POOFY in contrast to previous feedings.  I fed it again last night. But before I gave it a feeding, I set some of the starter aside so I could make waffles for dinner.

Sourdough waffles made w/sprouted wheat flour, served with Comstock reduced sugar apple pie filling, and sage sausages from Dickson's.

When I woke up this morning, I fed it once more, as tonight I plan on making cupcakes out of the ultra dark chocolate sourdough cake recipe I've been using (and plan on making a batch of cannoli filling, as I'll hollow out the cupcakes and pipe in the cannoli filling, as birthday cakes for my mom). Additionally, I plan on making a batch of dough (Buttery Sourdough Buns on KAF), which I'll substitute a bit of the sprouted wheat.  

Have I ever shared the chocolate cake recipe? I need to dig around in my archives a bit to see if I have, and if I haven't, I'll have to do a separate post for it.  I know I've made THIS chocolate cake, but I could swear there's another recipe I use.

And the Buttery Sourdough Buns, I substitute olive oil for the butter since the Maharajah is lactose intolerant--and the buns turn out perfect regardless of this substitution. I plan on making the buns as-is, and set aside a bit of the dough, so I can do "pigs in a blanket" for the four hotdogs the Maharajah got from Dickson's Farmstand Meats last night.  Each of those hot dogs is a meal unto themselves!  More on this as it happens. I'll mix up the dough, do the initial proof, then prep the buns and pigs in a blanket, and bake them off on Sunday when I get home.

And Sunday will be pizza day, as I made a batch of pizza dough (and divided it, and froze half) two days ago, and the dough should be nice and aged by Sunday. I'm thinking of a garlicky sauteed shitake and guaniciale with sunny side up eggs. 

Anyway, I'm prattling, and wanted to share. When it comes to sourdough baking, I get a bit carried away--and I'm looking forward to enjoying myself:)

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