Monday, March 06, 2017

Sunday Bake

Not much really to add here, but wanted to save my photos here, as they were so pretty. First up was a batch of the Buttery Sourdough Buns from King Arthur Flour--of which I subbed olive oil for the butter, and I also swapped out 1/3 the flour for KAF Sprouted Wheat Flour--the texture did not change at all as a result! Here they are, I dusted my hands with some paprika I picked up in Budapest in May, and this is what they looked like before proofing. So pretty!

Additionally: I set aside a bit of the dough, so I could make "Pigs in a Blanket" with four Big Red hot dogs from Dicksons. No picture snapped. They'll be for dinner tonight! Next was a duo of pizzas, one of this is pictured here. It's a simple pie (mind you in the dough, I put some dry rosemary and cracked black pepper), with garlicky-marsala mushrooms, paper thin sliced guaniciale, and a couple sunny side up eggs. So pretty!

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