Monday, April 10, 2006

Sweater Girl Salad

First off, I'd like to thank the academy Maven for the invite to contribute recipes as well as the nice introduction. Today's recipe comes from a cookbook published in 1947, called The Groom Boils and Stews: A Man's Cook Book for Men.

Place a few crisp leaves of lettuce on a salad plate. Take whole peach halves and fill the cavity with soft white cheese or cottage cheese. On each plate of lettuce leaves turn two of these upside down. Place half a maraschino cherry on top of each peach half. Put a small dab of mayonnaise on the side and call the boys.

It's simple (like the turd who came up with this recipe) and sexist! M-m-m-m!

Kirkkitsch! I don't normally do this... however... I am affixing this photo to this recipe, as I feel it would go SPLENDIDLY with that lovely titty salad... let me know what you think!

Eggs Versailles I had at (the now defunct) Commander's Palace in Las Vegas.


It's Me, Maven... said...

Yanno! Nothing quite like euphemistic titty salad!!!

Great recipe!!

Kirkkitsch said...

LOL! Works for me. Titillating!