Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thanksgiving Menu a la Chez Maven, 2006

Total sum of folks to be in attendance for our dinner: 10, plus one infant.

Here is what will be served in our household this year:

Our menu thus far:

My signature Morroccan-styled pumpkin chowder (just minus the meat, and might add turnip to sweeten it a bit)
Aloo Bondas (balls of spiced mashed potatoes, rolled in urad dal flour and deep fried)

Stuffed turkey (courtesy of the Maharajah's aunty)
My pear, cranberry walnut stuffing/dressing (scroll down, the recipe's on that link)
South Indian styled mashed yams
Perhaps some "avurukai kadi" (string beans stir fried, south Indian style)
Mashed potatoes
Mushroom gravy
By request one of my easy dishes: tomatoes stuffed with paneer (Indian styled cheese) and smothered in a spinach curry
White rice (to go with the veg items)
Cranberry jelly
Various chutneys, pickles and olives
Various breads (buttermilk biscuits, foccaccia, etc)

Pumpkin panna cotta in puff pastry cups (that looks like a fab idea, doesn't it?), pumpkin pie, or apple streudel (want to provide at least one egg free dessert for aunty and our friends)
Pear marsala spice cake (recipe from Traveler's Lunchbox)
Bourbon pecan pie

Apple cider
Cranberry grape juice
Fizzy stuff
Perhaps a Thanksgiving styled sangria (perhaps a "reddened" version of my Sangria Spritzer)

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Sean Carter said...

Hey your manu sounds interesting....would love to try it out sometime...hey it would be really nice if you could post a few recipes....and hey you can also check out my
Thanksgiving Blog sometime nd find out some very interesting stuffs that i've posted.....well visit soon and while you're at it do share your thoughts!!!!