Thursday, July 15, 2010

Strawberry Shortcake for a Crowd -- Part II


Apologies for the picture quality. This is what you get at 10pm when I'm too lazy to fiddle with my annoying compact digital camera and settle for my iPhone instead (and, truthfully, my regular camera isn't a whole lot better than my iPhone). At some point I'm sure I'll bake something during the day when I can use filtered sunlight to get the perfect shot...or not.

Anyway, the strawberry shortcake was a qualified success. The whipped cream (made with 6 tablespoons of powdered sugar to one pint of cream for stability) held up admirably in the refrigerator overnight, and even survived several hours sitting unrefrigerated in the kitchen at work. It could have used more strawberries between the layers, and the cake dried out a little bit, but it was still delicious and got rave reviews at work.

If I made this again, I'd probably put a thin layer of whipped cream on the cake before adding strawberries, then cover the strawberries with more whipped cream. Hopefully that would seal in some of the moisture in the cake. Oh, and I'd take the cakes out of the oven sooner, as they were just a tad overbaked (even with shortening the bake time recommended in the recipe by 10 minutes).


Maven said...

The cake was full of nomm-a-liciousness!

If you're going to tinker with it... two suggestions, either strawberry all fruit smeared on the cakes (then add sliced fresh berries) or a layer of lemon curd (I know, blasphemy!) and then sliced berries.

Trader Joes carries (or carried, I haven't checked recently) jarred lemon curd which was delicious. Just an idea! :)

RogueKnits said...

Mmmm...lemon curd! I once made a cake with lemon curd and blueberries between the layers.