Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chia: Day Three (or is it four?)

Been tired and lazy and haven't posted anything else I've cooked or
otherwise prepared with chia, because I haven't
cooked or otherwise prepared anything.

Like I said, I cook in spurts of productivity.
I vacillate wildly between the productivity level
of a two toed sloth, and of a crystal meth
"tweaker" with an OCD house cleaning

The above picture was today's mash up:
Matcha powder and chia seeds
in an otherwise vanilla shake.

Taste was okay, I think next time
might amp up the matcha and actually
blend the seeds.

Tomorrow, I hope to do a mash up
I prefer to name
"Meshugeneh (Masala) Dahi

Hey, don't judge me or my process.
I'm thrifty. Hate throwing food away.
I'm an American who is learning about
TamBram style cooking, and while I'm
all for "authentic" food preparations,
I'm also fond of syncreticity of mixing
ideas and foods together to create something
even MORE interesting.
Bottom line to me is:
Was it tasty?
Was it healthy?
Then fuck off:)

You cook your way, I cook my way.
You can enjoy and reap the rewards of
my food-speriments, or not. It's all good.

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