Sunday, February 12, 2012

Food-speriment: Meshugeneh Masala Vadas & Dahi Vada

For those that might not know what meshugeneh means...
"Crazy, mixed up."
It perfectly describes this item!

All the players in this morning's "food-speriment":
Prepared vada dough, w/leftover upma waiting to be mixed in;
Tamarind sauce, dahi, and boondi for the dahi vada presentation.
Meshugeneh Masala "Vadas" to be eaten w/
Maggi Hot & Sweet.

"Vadas" in their post-frying plunge into dahi...
The dahi presentation (minus the boondi--
I plated this up to snap a photo now; however
the husband won't eat until later, and I didn't
want the boondi to get mushy).
As it all appears on my counter, awaiting for his lunch later.

Now it's time for me to shower up and head out
to get some pork shoulder & some shrimp.
Pork shoulder for pernil (I *NEED* to make this today--
will serve it tomorrow, but it takes about 6 hrs to cook
better to do that today than a weeknight), and
some shrimp for tonight's dinner:
Shrimp & chorizo stuffed blue snapper.

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