Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Chia Challenge: Day One

I'll try pretty much everything once... and it appears I might be trying it 21 times this month (if I can keep up with it).

So. I broke down and bought a bag of Chia seeds. A friend (can't remember which one at the moment!) was extolling the virtues of it a while ago and I've been on the fence about trying it (for a whole host of reasons, the least of which is that I can go for long stretches of time without cooking a fucking thing, and stuff languish in the pantry and the potential is there for things to either go rancid or buggy before I get around to using [insert item or product name here].)

So I'm at the health food store to get some other items, saw the chia seeds, and thought, WHAT THE FUCK, I'll buy it.

My second thought of course was to seize a blogging opportunity, "Hey, I'll do a month of using this shit every day."

My third thought was, "February is a short month, too! Yay! [pause] Oh fuck. Here it is, day 7 of the shortest month of the year..."

Which brings me to RIGHT. THIS. MOMENT. thinking, I'll at the very least attempt to use the chia seeds in everything I manage to cook for the remainder of the month.

In the mornings, as of late, I've been hooked on running a few things in the blender: 1 cup of skim, 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder by Nectar, 1/2 tsp cardamom powder, a fistful of blueberries and two ice cubes. Which, I must admit, is pretty fucking delicious. So this morning, I added 1 tsp (1/3 the serving... or is it "dose?" size on the pouch) while the blender whirrrrred.

No change in overall taste, texture is a little bit more fibery (the blueberries offer up a bit of fiber, too), and appearance wise, it's a little darker (whereas without the chia, it appears more creamy).

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