Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Photo Dump

Things here are all out of sequence, and I'm okay with that. You're smart, aren't you? You can figure things out. :)
Sweet potato/potato/beet cutlets which were doctored up from the subzi in the next photo. I love things that do double duty... I'm lazy like that. Looks impressive, but really, not much more effort was expended.

The main event for lunch (and lunch for tomorrow for him too, I think): Dahi Methi Murgh.
Recipe can be found here:

I made subtle alterations to the recipe, i.e. I tempered about a tsp of fennugreek seeds along with the other spices being tempered, and rather than use corn starch to thicken and stabilize the yogurt, I sprinkled a little xanthan gum powder into it, which of course renders out a glossy, picture perfect sauce.

The thing I found appealing about this recipe was the absence of turmeric and tomatoes. I felt like I was in a rut, making too much yellow and red based Indian dishes, and of course too many south Indian dishes, which after a while, taste all the same to me, tempering pretty much the same spices and dals over and over again.

Then of course, while I'm sitting, relaxing a bit, I come upon this tute on how to do farmer's cheese at home, and I had to try it. Incredibly easy and fool proof.

Then I used the whey from making that pitifully small amount of cheese (mind you, it was half the recipe, I just wanted to fart around and see if it would work--and it did), and made a spongey foccaccia type bread, which this recipe was the inspiration (though I did not follow it... I eyeballed amounts, which amounts to baking blasphemy:

More pictures and details to come, such as:

My mayo-free slaw;
My pernil (yes, another one, this time I got a big assed bone-in pork shoulder);
Marscapone and parmesan crusted chicken tenderloins
My foccaccia which used up the leftover whey from the cheese experiment
Pistachio pesto pasta
A lasagne/angelhair Timpano hybrid thingy
Leeky bacon butterbean soup

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