Sunday, October 20, 2013

Species Du Jour, Part 1 (Chicken)

No photo. No recipe (well, perhaps a linked one, which was inspirational leaping off point).  

Perhaps I might get into a habit of doing theme posting like this along the lines of "If it's Monday, it must be LAMB" type of posting. But that's too regimented.

Perhaps this week's postings could be used for menu planning? I don't know. Perhaps inspire someone else to do something similar? Who knows.

Sunday's dinner: 
Chimichurri marinated chicken leg/thigh portions baked off w/a bit of breadcrumb on top, served with some polenta (I halved this recipe), which I made in my Nesco on the slow cooker setting (and also added some parmesan cheese towards end of cook time), which was smothered in "pot stuck" brussels sprouts (to which I augmented w/bacon and an assortment of mushrooms, and garnished w/toasted sunflower seeds for crunch).


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