Saturday, February 15, 2014

Maven's Leaning Tower of Bahn Mi

Duck breast: Marinated and in the Nesco cooker on slow cook, in
a bone dry crock for five hours; 3 hours skin side down; flip, 2 hours more. 
On a whim, I picked up the marinated duck breasts at the
market in Grand Central Station, with the intent of making
Peking duck wraps.
The duck, however, had other designs on its ultimate
First things first is bread selection. Second? Toast that shit up. 
Fuck the Maillard Effect = carcinogenic! Fuck it in its ear!
Toast. That. Shit. Up.

While your baguette toasts up, get your veggies pickled.
I did a quick oi cha type pickle w/cukes and shallots. 
Google that shit, because I'm not giving a recipe by recipe
breakdown of all aspects of this sandwich.
This recipe is about construction.
Prep your spicy mayo.
50% mayo of your choosing, and 50% something else.
While at Whole Paycheck, I couldn't remember if I had canned
liver pate or liverwurst at home, so I spent $7 on this (good) shit.
Behold the golden hue.
And yes, I used a pretzel baguette.
Turns out it was in the pantry all the while!
But yanno what? If I did not spend $7 on the rillettes, 
My luck would be this can would not be in the pantry. 
That's how my life rolls.
Note: Even folks on a budget can make this sandwich
See also: Pricetag on the liverwurst--you probably could get
something similar at a local dollar store.
Dispatch the duck, prepare for sandwich participation.
Assembly pic #1. Spicy mayo and oi cha on top;
Rillettes and duck on bottom.
Assembly pic #2: On top: flurry of cilantro; on bottom
fist full of clover/arugala sprouts (with some chopped 
scallions thrown in).
The final reveal:
Ready to be jammed into the pie hole of my husband.
The. End.

End note: There were leftovers. 
End note to the end note: No, you cannot have any.


Kevin Kim said...

Looks awesome. I've never had a banh mi before.

Maven said...

Read up on it. Given your francophile tendencies and love of pork stuff, it is a game changer!!

Maven said...

ps: entirely possible i misspelled it. No matter how it is spelled it = yum.