Sunday, February 16, 2014

Now About My Love For Elderflower Flavored Anything

In our household this year, Valentine's Day (or "Valentino's Day, as it's known by us) was a bit of a bust. Husband had to work, and was sucked into a bottomless pit of a six hour conference call (concluding at around 3 a.m. the following morning). But before the evening got sucked away by work demands, I managed to pour some of this out for the husband and chirp "Happy Valentino's Day" before he answered the phone and was held prisoner for six hours.

The product in question is Belvoir pink lemonade, which features elderflower, and a bit of rose, and just enough fizz to make it something you don't just pound back, gulping it away. This is something special to be enjoyed and experienced.

I found the product a few weeks back at Whole Paycheck, and bought a bottle of each, the pink lemonade and the regular lemonade with elderflower, and had hopes that it wouldn't suck, as I adore elderflower, and I also adore NOT THROWING MY MONEY AWAY. Spoiler alert: Money well spent.

So when I ran to the store to get some provisions for the weekend, I picked up two more bottles of the pink stuff, and a small vegan chocolate cup cake for us both to share, so we have something sweet for the peer pressure and Hallmark cards mandated day of love.

Long holiday weekend this weekend, we have one more bottle of the pink stuff and the cupcake has been languishing in the fridge. I hope to get one more toast in, and nom the cupcake before the day is out.

Wish me luck!

ETA: It is now mandatory that if I go to Whole Paycheck, I need to bring back a bottle of this for the husband. I love how these little rituals or traditions take hold in my household.

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