Monday, October 27, 2014

Distinctions in Tastiness, Our Coded Language

In our household, we have several things which we say, which are coded language and have a bit of subtext, when describing the deliciousness of a particular item. A few of our coded statements are thus:

"Restaurant Quality": Compliment. Quite literally is what you would imagine it to be. This is one of the highest praises my husband gives to some of the food I've prepared. 

"Just Like My (His) Mom Makes": Compliment. Authentic south Indian. (Even his mother quipped to me, "I have nothing to teach you.")

"Tasty Tasty": Compliment. And pretty much is what you see is what you get. It's fucking tasty. 

"It's Goo" Neither here nor there, though more compliment than insult. Tasty enough to get it past the taste buds. Would still eat it again if presented for dinner.

"Just Like My (MY) Mom Makes": Insult. Despite my mom having worked 20+ years in food service, she had been known to churn out such "winners" as "albacore marinara," "meatball strogganoff," and meatloaf, with the latter two causing epic gastric distress  due to the fat not being drained off either.

"It'll Make a Turd": Insult. Inoffensive enough to choke it back, but if given a choice we wouldn't eat it again. Could be just bland, or otherwise not living up to our expectations. 

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