Monday, April 18, 2016

Not Sour On Sourdough: Happy Loaves

Wanting to branch out from the sourdough oat bread recipe I had been using for a while, I went to Kitchen Arts & Letters in March (following yet another thyroid sono--no biopsy! Yay! No change in the nodules!), to treat myself. At first I was thinking of getting the sourdough book put out by Tartine Bakery, and then I settled upon this one. 

I felt a bit rushed while in the store, as I was rushing from one appointment to yet another, and talked myself out of the Tartine book in favor of the one above. Only did I realize once I got home, that the book might be more suited for someone more experienced with sourdough (and using a varieties of flours), as well as someone a bit more "hipster" than I am. I thumbed through all the recipes, and the first ones I made were:
Coconut Tahini Bars
(My god, you just want to nose-dive right into that, don't you?)
Nigella Naan
Pizza Dough
(sorry, no photo:))

All three of those recipes turned out very well, so I progressed to an actual LOAF of bread, settling on the Spelt Oat Levain (the results are pictured below):
I wish I snapped a photo of the crumb/interior, as it was truly fluffy and lovely. The recipe makes two loaves, so I kept the one on the left (as it fits the container for the fridge) and gave the second loaf to my physical therapist, who was appreciative.

Then there's a baguette saga, which warrants its own post! 

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