Monday, March 07, 2016

Picture Perfect Lunch: Salad Days Are Here Again

Last week, I had packed a lunch that just did not hit me right anymore. My standard go-to salad is arugala, red onion, cuke, avocado, blue cheese, bacon bits and diced chicken--so I guess it's a modified cobb (no hard boiled egg, and arugala instead of iceberg). I took two bites and was full of regret. Perhaps it was the fact I've hit my limit on straight balsamic as a dressing, perhaps everything else was OFF because, HEY it is March, nothing is local and in season here in this hemisphere. Perhaps. I ended up tossing that lunch out and thought I need to really revamp my salads. 

Today (and tomorrow's) salad is what  I'm referring to it as a Sashimi Salad Bowl; however, I'm waiting for a ruling on this whether this actually is a bibimbap, minus the rice.

While, no, I did not COOK this, I did manage to assemble the hell out of it:)

Salmon, tuna, and I believe fluke, mixed in with store bought seaweed salad, store bought daikon kimchi, diced jicama, cuke, and avocado. Festooned with daikon sprouts, sweetfish roe, and those crunchy bits usually garnish for okonomiyaki. Rice wine vinegar, salt and sushi ginger minced. 

I was actually nervous this morning packing the lunch, as the kimchi is quite potent, so I kept the bin in the fridge at work until I was ready to eat it--rather than having it in my insulated tote. I didn't want to run the risk of the kimchi over-taking everything with its farty top note.

Delicious. Glad I went to the effort to pack it. 

Wednesday I will have a different salad on display. Stay tuned.

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