Friday, April 22, 2016

Not Soured on Sourdough Yet: Introducing My Kombucha Sourdough Hybrid

I'm a n00b about baking and bread and sourdough; but I knew I was onto something when I decided to splash some kombucha into my starter a few months back!

This morning I fed my starter, as I wanted to build up just a bit more of it before I use it in some recipes (my norm is to measure out my "discard" and use THAT for the levain for whatever recipe I'm about to use--THEN feed the starter and put the scoby back on top), namely YET ANOTHER attempt at rye bread, as well as a possible batch of naan dough and tortilla dough. I just have to give some thought about what food I plan to make this week. Naan dough does nicely as pizza dough, so I find it to be a great multi-tasker of the bread world. :)

Anyway, for those curious about the sequencing of my feed, for a friend, I created a Vine for her so she could see how simple it is.

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