Thursday, May 05, 2016

Rhapsody in Rye: The Post Before THE Post

As I alluded to in a previous blog post, this is the recipe I want to make my next attempt at rye bread.

Full Disclosure:

I already made it (with a few tweaks, to be itemized later on); however, I tried to get fancy at a mid point in the baking.

I bake my rye in a bowl, specifically, the top of a double-boiler, so I get a boule kind of effect, as I am lazy and cheap and neither want to spend money to get a proofing basket or a couche. 

So my failure came in the form of dislodging the loaf at the halfway point (much like I did with my baguettes); however, I did not take into consideration that the boule was considerably more dense, thus the surface tension of the crust didn't have the structural integrity to sustain being dislodged and inverted (the intent was to place the boule directly on the rack in the oven, so all the surface of the crust got nice and... well... CRUSTY). 

As you might imagine, it started to implode, and I quickly tried to salvage the loaf, tried to place it back in the bowl and bake it off.

Note to self: Next time, just bake the fucker off in the pan. End. Of. Story.

Taste-wise the bread was CRAZY GOOD. Nice, assertive flavor, not too top heavy with tang, and everything else about it was great--except for the appearance, and I'll take the blame for that (ipso facto, NO PHOTO TAKEN).

Now, the itemization of my tweaks:
  • Einkorn flour, not a "generic" type of APF.
  • Buckwheat honey, one ounce
  • What flour to be used for dusting and kneading was buckwheat flour (I used approximately 4T) 
  • 2T hemp seeds
Bulk proofing, I lost track of time, to be honest. And I did not pop it into the fridge, either. So, let's say, 24 hours, with 12 hours bulk proof, and 12 hours of it in the pan it was going to bake in. 

So, I'm two days away from my next "Saturday loaf," and I've got my game plan in place.

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