Monday, June 20, 2016

Last Week's Loaf & Other Projects

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention last week's loaf.

I was going to do up that sourdough oat recipe that I started my journey on, and thought I'd do a soaker, and it almost went sideways.

Initially, I put the oats in a bowl, and was going to do 100% hydration to the oats and then follow the recipe as followed, and adjust the flour as needed during the knead.

Well, I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing, and for 75 gm of oats, I put in roughly 125 gm of water. DOH! I let that sit all day to soak and do its thing.

I came home and set up the rest of the dough, using Einkorn APF (NOT bread flour! ugh. VERY SOFT!) and augmented a bit more with some spelt. I also had added a tsp of yeast into it as well, to ensure a bit more poof/activity, as the loaf I made for the week immediately prior to this loaf, did not activate and poof up enough for my liking and was entirely too dense. Edible and delicious, but dense as a brick. 

The resulting loaf was lovely, and despite the poofing during the proof, it wasn't overly full of holes in the crumb as I had hoped. But delicious. Inclusions were: bee pollen, hemp hearts and flax meal.

The dough was entirely too soft with all Einkorn (despite the minor adjustments of spelt). 

Earlier last week, I set up dough from this recipe to be used in a different application. Where the husband works, a co-worker is trying to get a "Thursday Pot Luck" off the ground, and I decided to make those buns, and stuff them with Trader Joes lamb koftas and dusted some buns with nigella seed, and some were dusted with duqqa/dukka,  (and provide a pint of curry gravy for dipping). And this was the result:
Feedback was positive. And I wish I held back one bun for myself to enjoy. Perhaps next time! Perhaps!

I was binge-watching Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, and the episode where he visits Ethiopia with Marcus Samuelsson was fascinating. And of course the injera bread got me thinking about the possibilities of using teff with sourdough. So at 2 a.m., off to Amazon I went, and bought some teff flour, more einkorn flour, and some malt powder.  And at some point, THIS will happen.

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