Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Amuse Bush---Er Uh Amuse BOUCHE: Bonding Over Yeast With My Groinacologist

So much of my life is Newtonian Physics in action, especially with the "a body in motion, tends to stay in motion," that type of thing;  however, there's surely some type of Newtonian connection about foodies (or food worshippers) being magnetized to other foodies.

So it is with this in mind that I bring up my groinacologist. He's a foodie. He's the one who turned me onto this store on the UES, called Kitchen Arts & Letters, a shop that sells nothing but cookbooks and books about FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD.

Anyway, on this particular day, we're going about our customary schmoozing before he performs the part of the examination I view as him turning me into a human hand puppet. *AHEM* and at that moment, we are still "in the moment" schmoozing about what foods we've been tinkering with.

NOTE: Hand in my vagina!
He: Hey, I've gotten into making pizza (and he riffs on about what that involves).
Me: Hey! You don't say! I've gotten seriously addicted to making my own sourdough, and even hybridized my sourdough starter with kombucha!
He: You need to tell me more!
Me: No worries, it'll be in the discussion notes! I'll zap you an email tomorrow! :)
I found it hilariously coincidental, that (while I don't have candida issues) while he is examining me, we both were talking about the things we are making that involve YEAST.

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