Monday, July 11, 2016

Procurement: Pizza Stone

I should be embarrassed, I guess, that in all the times I've made pizza (at least since I've started in on sourdough bread making), all those pizzas were made on a Silpat lined cookie sheet, as I broke my pizza stone years ago, and never got around to replacing it.

This weekend, I remedied that laziness.

And unlike the stone I used 15 years ago, I actually managed to read the instructions on this one. And initially, I'm going to continue to roll my slack sourdough pizza dough onto the silpat and do the cookie sheet routine for 2/3 of the cooking time, and will then transfer it to the stone to crisp up the crust--as I have trust issues with my sourdough's stickiness (see also: the baguette pan disaster).

I bought this at BB&B and not on Amazon; though checking out the reviews there, they are a mixed bag. I am hoping that the issue with the cracking was a result of a wet stone. I washed my stone Saturday, and I have it in my oven hanging out (not on, obviously) waiting until possibly Weds or Thurs for pizza night. Here's hoping it doesn't crack. 

So, I read the instructions and washed it (no soap), and will be making a pizza this week, and hope for the best!

This is the second pizza I've made on the stone. And I cheated, I rolled out the dough onto parchment paper and baked the pizza on the parchment ON THE STONE, and then scooted it off to finish off and crisp up on the stone directly.

This is a middle-eastern inspired pie, wherein I used turluh and a very small amount of harissa in place of tomato sauce, and I bought some kibbe which I sliced up and baked on the pie with a flurry of mozz on my half, and a tiny sprinkling of parm on his half. I was informed out of all the pizzas I've made thus far, this one was THE BEST. 
TBH, I like my crust firm and crunchy, not soft enough to fold, and I like my cheese to be well done (almost toasty).  

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