Monday, July 11, 2016

Sourdough: Are You Teff Eneff?

In my head, when I say "Teff Eneff..." I'm thinking of this song:

Anyway, I started branching out to using teff flour, just to keep things interesting for me; and I found a Teff Poolish Sourdough Recipe I have been tweaking the hell out of, making it a sourdough recipe, with a tiny yeast boost in the second hydration stage.

This is what my boochy sourdough starter looked like within a half hour after setting up the levain. This sat and fermented 12 hours before advancing to the next stage.

Again, I made too much bread and decided to do one loaf (the "weekly" loaf) and a couple baguettes for other purposes. The next permutation of this recipe will be halved, as this is too much bread, and again, I have no room in my freezer to put any excess.
 I'm trying to get better about my scoring on the tops...

 Now the "Money Shot," what the interior looks like! Glorious!  I think next time I will put less dough in the loaf pan, and let it rise a bit longer to see if it improves the interior.

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