Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Rhapsody in Rye: Unintentional Detour

Given I'll be traveling soon, I needed to get our weekly loaf crafted earlier than normal.

I decided to make the sourdough beer bread as I did about 10 days ago. Only, I wasn't paying attention. Everything was fine, until I was measuring out my flour, and thought I was using rye, only to realize about 3 ounces into the weigh-in that I was using buckwheat. So rather than despair, I measured out the right amount of rye, then compensated by putting in only 9 ounces of bread flour (instead of 12). 

I'm letting it bulk ferment while at work, I'll do a bit of stretch and folding once I'm home, then before putting it in a loaf pan, I'll add some hemp seeds. I'll let it sit in the fridge until Friday a.m., take it out, let it rest a bit more, and bake it off once I'm home on Friday. 

So I won't know until late Friday evening how this turns out. I'm hoping it's not too dense; however, given I use buckwheat honey in this recipe, I'm hoping the accidental inclusion of 3 oz of buckwheat flour gives it a nice flavor. The flavor of this particular loaf is tasty to begin with, so it can only make it MORE delicious, I hope! 

My only concern of course is the oven-spring, lift, crumb, whatever you want to call the interior bubbles trapped in the dough.

Stay tuned!

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